Retired – Frostbite 30 report

I only lasted 14 miles. 14 dismal, disjointed and unevenly paced miles before knocking it on the head.

This isn’t really a race report as I didn’t have much of a race to report in the end. 3 trips into the bushes in the first 10 miles meant I didn’t have much desire to do another 24, especially since any loose time goals I had were long gone even by 10 miles.

So in honour of you, dear 5 readers of this site – here’s a rhyme I made up to sum up my day out in the lovely Nidderdale Valley.

Here I sit,

Alone again.

In a wood,

Having a shit.

As for the race, the Never Rest team┬ámarked out the course very well, it had some really nice flat sections I’d hoped to have been able to run a lot faster, a really nice climb at 2 miles through the woods up onto the moorland at the top which split the front runners from the starting field and a couple of really enjoyable downhills.

It’s a shame I couldn’t make it further, there were no issues with my legs and I started much slower than at White Rose so had plenty left there but I just had no desire to *err* clench while running for another 20 miles.

Good to see 5 of us from Meltham turn out and Susi and David looked good when myself, Jeff and Andy all decided to knock it on the head.

Next year maybe. Certainly looks a good first timer ultra and offers good opportunity to the more experienced runner who wants to push the pace. Sorry I didn’t get to enjoy more of the course.