About Me

Hello. I’m James Young, a web designer based in Huddersfield, UK and I like running – a lot! (Strava / Parkrun).

Since starting running in Jan 2012, I’ve become hooked on the freedom and clarity it brings to my thoughts. Particularly long distance running on the range of stunning trails and hills around the town I live.

I’ve run a variety of races from 5k at Parkrun all the way up to the crushing brutality of the 60ish miles of the Hardmoors 60 ultra marathon and a lot in between.

This site is somewhere for me to post up the things I’ve learnt, experienced or want to share that are related to my running exploits and because I write extensively about web design on my main portfolio site, splitting off and having a separate site doesn’t bore my regular readers who want to follow my design based writing. If that’s you, check out welcomebrand.co.uk.

I’m thrilled with my progress since 2012 as I’m not one of those guys who ran at a good level in the past and got back into it, I’ve gone from never running to where I currently am and it’s exciting to see how far I can push on.

I love hearing from fellow runners so feel free to get in touch any time!