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Speed and distance week

A nice varied week with a Friday night trail race followed by parkrun then a 23 mile long run was a good mix up.

Another parkrun 1st!

After the long day out on the Billy Bland relay, it’s been a nice easy week capped by my third first place at a parkrun this year.

A leg of the Bob Graham Round

I’ve been interested in attempting a solo Bob Graham Round almost from the minute I first heard about it. A good place to get a taste of it is the Billy Bland Challenge Relay.

Billy Bland Relay bound

The main highlight of the week is Saturday’s Billy Bland Relay leg so I’ll write that up on its own later.

A painful week

With a week to go until the Billy Bland relay it’s not a good time to feel a bit strained but I had always planned an easy week in the lead up.


Last week was all about getting above the 70 mile mark, this week I was looking to stay at that level safely and include a one or two quality runs.

A two race week

First time I’ve done two races in a week for a while and it’s certainly still tough!