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Finished it!

After weeks of worry about even making the start line, I finished the Hardmoors 60.

Not even a taper

This was the last full week before Hardmoors and wraps up a miserable month of non-training before the big race.

All about rehab now

With only 2 weeks to Hardmoors, my knee diagnosis wasn’t terrible but getting to the start line without losing the summers fitness might be tricky.

Shit week

Literally. Picked up some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning on Monday and couldn’t shake it until Friday.

Going Ultra

Big challenge this week by racing on one evening then an ultra the next morning.

Holiday rest

Had grand plans of running a lot while away on holiday and keeping some stable mileage going. Didn’t happen.

Speed and distance week

A nice varied week with a Friday night trail race followed by parkrun then a 23 mile long run was a good mix up.