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Heaven knows I’m miserable now

It’s been two three weeks since I crossed the line of my first 100 mile race and I still feel down. Add an injury into the mix and it’s all pretty depressing.

White Rose 100 – Race Report 2015

Despite another 30 miles left to run, weeks of worry and nerves along with 16 hours of running so far evaporated. I knew I would finish this.

Taper time for the big 100

The dreaded taper week has arrived, no plans to do anything other than perhaps a little easy jogging and double then triple check my kit and plans for Saturday and the first 100 miler.

Feed me!

Don’t know what’s going on at the moment but my appetite seems to have ramped up more than my training as the White Rose 100 looms large in less than 2 weeks.

The ultra shuffle

I’ve inexplicably now racked up 7 parkrun 1st place finishes this year but my speed seems to have topped out.

Building for a 100 mile race

Planning has begun in earnest for the White Rose 100 in November and the post race blues from Hardmoors has gone and my focus can move forward.

Finished it!

After weeks of worry about even making the start line, I finished the Hardmoors 60.

Not even a taper

This was the last full week before Hardmoors and wraps up a miserable month of non-training before the big race.

All about rehab now

With only 2 weeks to Hardmoors, my knee diagnosis wasn’t terrible but getting to the start line without losing the summers fitness might be tricky.