OMM-bassador you spoil us..

I have many fond memories of my OMM Kamleika jacket. It’s seen me through a lot of adventures and while it ultimately became more gaffer tape than jacket – I retired it with full honours in my running kit drawer “just in case”.

Reflections of 2015

My running year effectively ended on November 1st when I crossed the finish line of the White Rose 100 mile ultra but the lead up to that had an immensely satisfying year of races and experiences.

Speed and distance week

A nice varied week with a Friday night trail race followed by parkrun then a 23 mile long run was a good mix up.

Holding w.e 14/12/14

I felt really down after Frostbite last week, despite it not being an A race for me, I’d still hoped to do well on what looked a very runnable and speedy course through some lovely countryside, my DNF felt really significant after a few days thought.

6 months with the Berghaus Trail Team

I can’t believe as this calendar year starts to wrap up and more and more training is done in the darkness of the short days that’s it’s been an amazing 6 months being part of the Berghaus Trail Team.

Running your first ultra

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about running in the last couple of years and there’s one common set of lessons I’d like to share about turning up to your first ultra.

Ladybower 35 – Race report

I’ve always been fairly confident of hitting my goals when I enter a race but by god did I do a number on myself leading up to the Ladybower ultra.