Ultra race week – Week ending 30th March 2014

With the 40 miles of The Oldham Way Ultra looming on sunday, I went for a no frills easy week of jogging offroad to keep my legs turning over.

After The Grizzly recently, I took stock of how I’d prepared for that race and despite achieving my goal of running it in under 3 hours I felt a bit like I’d tapered too soon by the time I toed the line for that one because I’d started easing down from a tough 3 months of winter training nearly 2 weeks in advance.

I wanted to avoid that for The Oldham Way despite it being 40 miles and 6000ft, I had been skiing 2 weeks prior and so wanted to get a few miles back in my legs in the lead up week so took some easy runs to work which felt good and with just a couple of rest days just before the race I much prefer this slightly more active tapering than the almost total powering down I did for The Grizzly.

Read the race report for Oldham Way Ultra.

  • Monday – 6.7 miles
  • Tuesday – 5.5 miles
  • Wednesday – 5.5 miles
  • Thursday – 6.5 miles
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 43 miles (Oldham Way Ultra – Race Report)

Total: 67.2 miles 6634 ft elevation.