Between Ultras – Week ending 6th April 2014

Following last week’s unexpected success in the Oldham Way Ultra, I was planning on a week recovery but I’ve felt stronger than I’ve done in a while. 

After The Grizzly, I was wiped out physically and mentally for nearly 2 weeks and I figured I might be much the same following the Oldham Way but to be honest, once the blister I got eased off I found my legs felt surprisingly good so I started running again after 2 days off.

With the Calderdale Hike (37 miles) coming up next weekend, I’ve had a change of plans with that one and will running it with Ally instead of racing on my own so that should be fun as I can practice my navigation instead of worrying about mile splits.

I’m actually looking forward to getting this ultra out of the way now as it will be the last of 3 big races in the space of a little over a month and with the recovery between knocking me out of whack a little in comparison to the regular and structured mileage over winter which I really enjoyed so once this last run is out of the way, it’s a full 2 months until the Calderdale Way Ultra (51 miles) in June and I can focus on getting back into some solid training and concentrating on adding some speed work over the next two months.

Saturday was a bit of a lung buster running (even at “easy” effort) the short but steep West Nab path from the house (1000ft in 1.5 miles) and something I should probably work into my regular training for strength and power.

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The good news this week was finding out I’ve been invited to an assessment day for the Berghaus Trail Team up in the lakes! I’ll try to  write up what I’d like from that opportunity sometime.

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – 5.8 miles
  • Thursday – 5.7 miles
  • Friday – 5.6 miles
  • Saturday – 5 miles
  • Sunday – 11.8 miles

Total: 33.8 miles 3484 ft elevation.