Building for a 100 mile race

Week Ending 4/10/2015

Planning has begun in earnest for the White Rose 100 in November and the post race blues from Hardmoors has gone and my focus can move forward.

I felt alright after Hardmoors and was back running pretty comfortably after a couple of days which included a fairly unexpected 17:22 parkrun the weekend after and the last two weeks have largely been maintaining mileage between 40 and 50mpw to keep the niggles at bay.

The Meltham AC parkrun championship is proving to be a really good driver to do a fast run once a week as it’s one I want to win so I need to get at least 20 counters run to have a chance. We went up to Kielder last weekend as Ally was running the marathon so was great to cheer and support and swap roles for once as she has been there for me in lots of races this year. Her 5:15 was a big pb and a well run race there.

We all took part in Gibside parkrun which is definitely the toughest course I’ve run and despite me forgetting the course instructions and not turning around at a cone (I ended up waiting for 2nd place to catch up!) I managed to finish 1st in a hard run 19:26 although probably the time would have been closer to high 18’s.

Beyond that, just easy miles now as there’s not much more I can do to prepare for the 100. I picked up a new pair of road shoes which I’m considering wearing for White Rose as the course is pretty tarmac heavy.

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