Easy recovery w.e 5/10/2014

I think I’ve been in need of a rest for some time so the last couple of weeks have been just that.

The niggles I’d been feeling in my quads and knees hadn’t really gone away entirely so I’ve knocked off any longer runs beyond just getting to work and I’m just focusing on running by effort level at the moment and that level is easy, easy, easy.

I trust that the miles in my legs from all the training this year will keep me ticking over and I just need to ease back into it in a week or two.

Beyond that. Not much to report.

Gutted beyond belief to have missed the Red Bull Steeplechase on sunday (due to not having a baby sitter for the dude) but we went along with lots of friends and had a nice day out. Impressive to see the Red Bull machine in action, what a fantastic looking event. One day.

  • Monday – 6.9 miles (Marathon pace tester)
  • Tuesday – 7.3 miles
  • Wednesday – 6.9 miles
  • Thursday – 7 miles
  • Friday – 6.2 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Total: 34.4 miles, 1,926ft elevation.