Faster new shoes? You bet – Week ending 4th May 2014

A fairly low profile easy week this week following last weekends exertions in the Lakes with the Trail Team and with a public speaking commitment and saturday race, not much to report.

I did finally get a new pair of road shoes after sending back the new version Nike Free’s I bought the other week which just didn’t look and feel right and my normal modus operandi is to talk myself into just trying them out but then of course I can’t return them so this time I was a little more disciplined and just sent them back and bought some Brooks Pure Drift.

I’m glad I did, the first run in them the other day was excellent, they’re amazingly light and comfortable so happy with the decision.

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Brooks Puredrift. Feel like slippers!

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Apart from that, I spoke at a web conference called Dot_York in front of about 150 people and to be honest, without the confidence in myself that running has given me I couldn’t imagine ever having done that only a couple of years ago!

Then on saturday it was the 10 mile Cake Race, a tough fell/trail race that I wanted to do well in after running the course with Ally last year.

  • Monday – 7 miles
  • Tuesday – 9.5 miles
  • Wednesday – 5.7 miles
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – 5.6 miles
  • Saturday – 9.9 miles (Cake Race)
  • Sunday – rest

Total: 37.6 miles, 3360 ft elevation.