Holiday contingency plans – w/e 29/7/2014

It’s certainly great to get away with the family but any hilarious plans I had in my mind about being disciplined and carrying on a decent level of training while pushing ice cream and croissants into my face were just that – hilarious.

A contingency plan is needed.

I’ve been pondering having seen countless Facebook posts from friends about their trials while injured and how the weight often piles on and it takes a while to find an alternate and safe means of retaining fitness of some sort and think I need a fallback just in case I’m unfortunate to suffer a longer term injury rather than just the small niggles I’ve experienced recently and it’s something I’m going to write up shortly.

Holidays however are a different beast, we’re in the Vendee on France’s West coast right now and it’s pancake flat and I’d hoped to get to decent paced 10 milers in most mornings but the reality is the closest I’ve come is a moderate paced 10k on the first day. The daily temperature of 30+ degrees C hasn’t done much for my efforts and catching up some sleeping in the mornings also knocked out the early morning options.

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Still, rest probably was needed.

In the meantime, I think next holiday I’m definitely going to be more realistic about how much time and distance it’s possible to do without being greedy with family time and also maybe tone back the calorie intake just a *little* too.

I have at least got around to planning the next 16 week training cycle which originally included the Ladybower 50 miler as my years “A race” but thanks to recent niggles and issues building miles will probably mean I won’t quite get to the shape I wanted in time but I’m going to go for it anyway.

  • Monday – Eating croissants
  • Tuesday – Eating pain au chocolat
  • Wednesday – 6.2 miles
  • Thursday – 5.7 miles
  • Friday – 4.2 miles
  • Saturday – Eating ham and cheese baguttes
  • Sunday – Eating ice creams

Total: 16.6 miles, 922ft elevation.