Keeping up with Kipsang – Week ending 25th May 2014

I guess there really isn’t much to report training wise in the week following a 24 hour race other than I ran another race..

The plan following Hardcastle 24 was simply to take the week off and see how I felt tomorrow but to be honest after about 3 days my legs felt reasonably solid and although my gut was fuller than ever (I’d been eating anything I could find for 5 days!) I felt alright and I had a nice easy jog to work on friday and figured that would be that.

It feels like I’ve recovered well from Hardcastle 24, although I’m still planning on taking the daily mileage easy for another week just to ease back into it.

However ..

I did want to get a longer recovery run in this weekend just to get ticking over and to be honest, break the eating cycle a bit so I ran to Junior parkrun and Ally drove there with Felix so he could run it and I ran around the 2km course with him so racked up 7.5 miles this morning then headed back to marshal the first run of the Meltham Murder Maniac Road Race for many years. A brutal 1 mile up and 1 mile back down road race on an 8% hill.

I ended up running it because I’d always wanted to do the downhill “maniac” mile to see how fast it was because the fastest ever mile has been run on this very hill (3:24!) and while there’s no chance of coming close to that sort of speed, I wanted to see if I could get into the 4:30-4:50/mile pace for the downhill.

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – 6.5 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 9.7 miles (6.5 + 1.3 + 1.9 miles)

Total: 16.2 miles, 702ft elevation.