Not even a taper

Week Ending 13.09.2015

This was the last full week before Hardmoors and wraps up a miserable month of non-training before the big race.

I’d figured that there wasn’t much point cranking out any sort of mileage or anything of significant effort level so a pitiful couple of runs early in the week was all I managed before my knee felt a bit sore on Tuesday so I went back on the bike.

I really can’t get into biking at all.

I used to enjoy it a bit but I’m not brave enough for proper mountain biking and I can’t be arsed to clean one all the time so perhaps a road bike would be more my bag longer term as I am looking at my goals for next year and it’s less distance and hopefully a significant jump in speed with more focus there.

One good thing did come of the week though – I finally made it over the road at lunchtime to the climbing boulder to make use of the shoes I bought months ago. Bouldering is bloody hard! Still, I did enjoy that though and I could see it becoming a regular feature of my week.

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  • Monday – 4.4 miles
  • Tuesday – 6.6 miles
  • Wednesday – Biking 15 miles
  • Thursday – Biking 15 miles
  • Friday – Biking 15 miles and 15 mins bouldering
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Total: 11 miles (running)