PB time – w.e 1/2/15

Took it fairly easy this week as I had Dewsbery 10k on Sunday and I wanted to really push hard to get a PB.

That and last Sunday’s long run left me feeling pretty smashed until well into the middle of the week so probably quite lucky the crappy snow and ice returned so I was forced to take it reasonably easy anyway.

I thought Dewsbury 10k would be a prefect tester run in my London prep so apart from a nice steady 10 miler along the canal at low 7’s pace I’ve kept it pretty easy this week so legs were fresh for Sunday.

Pretty easy week although I must admit I would like to start getting closer to 60 miles a week at this point rather than still only knocking around the high 30’s to low 40’s.

  • Monday – 8 miles
  • Tuesday – 10 miles
  • Wednesday – 7 miles
  • Thursday – 5 miles
  • Friday – 6 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 6.2 miles (Race – Dewsbury 10k)

Total: 42.3 miles, 2,211ft elevation