The legs keep turning

Week Ending 14.02.2016

After Dewsbury last weekend, my legs felt pretty trashed for a couple of days but I felt a speed session and a lot stretching helped stave off too much stiffness ready for another race this weekend.

This weekend’s race – The Windy Hill Fell Race was actually more important overall than Dewsbury as it was the final one in our club championship and I had to ensure I avoided being any worse than 4th Meltham runner back to seal the championship.

With that in mind, I did my Wednesday speed session because to miss it would mean 3 weeks a row without one so I made the effort but also then ran the rest of the weeks miles very easy to recover from Dewsbury and not tire myself out for 9 miles of fell running at the weekend.

  • Monday – 7.8 miles
  • Tuesday – 10.6 miles
  • Wednesday – 6 miles (speed session 10x400m @ 5:10-5:20 w/60s rec)
  • Thursday – 6.9 miles
  • Friday – 10 miles
  • Saturday – 8.8 miles (Windy Hill Fell Race)
  • Sunday –

Total: 50.3 miles, 4,226ft elevation gain