Wiped out with illness

Week Ending 12/02/17

After a stellar first month of London Marathon training I was struck down with some sort of illness that’s been doing the rounds and it wiped me out big time.

I’ve eased back into training this week but after last week I still don’t feel 100%. I felt a bit uneasy running home the other Monday night after work. What should have been an easy run was very laboured and at the pace was an indicator something wasn’t right.

I’d been coughing a little during the day and put it down to our trip to London 2 days previous and being on the tube and in a conference venue all day but as Tuesday rolled around┬ámy energy levels had vanished and I had a hangover type headache that wouldn’t shift for 4 days.

It’s unusual for me to take time off work – if we’re ill as a company, we don’t come in the office and we rest but usually if it’s just a cold or something I’ll do a little work from home but I literally spent 4 days on the sofa.

Gutted to miss out on Dewsbury 10k too. In the end I wasn’t even close to recovered so there would have been no point even trying to race.

This week I’ve been easing back into it with some short, easy runs to work and I managed to get my long run (20m) done on Saturday so I’ve actually just about done 50 miles this week in the end. Next week should be OK to get back into the normal schedule again. I’m pondering extending all of my next 3 long runs to 20 miles as The Grizzly is coming up in 4 weeks and 20 miles of gnarly trails and clifftop running demands strong legs.

Lets hope this mushy snow melts quickly too.