Another crappy race w.e 06/12/14

Frostbite 30 was supposed to be a race I was going to take reasonably steady and hopefully do alright in with some good pacing practice but it didn’t work out. Again

Another race where I had stomach issues and made it to 13 miles but simply couldn’t be bothered to grind out another 20 in discomfort after having fallen way behind the schedule I wanted so despite the easy week leading up to the race and feeling ok in my legs, not a great day out.

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 6.2 miles
  • Wednesday – 7.8 miles
  • Thursday – 7 miles
  • Friday – 7 miles
  • Saturday – 14 miles (racing) and 3.4 miles
  • Sunday – 3.6 miles

Total: 48.9 miles, 4,072ft elevation