Big week w.e 15/2/15

One of the two big weeks done leading to the Grizzly.

Managed to get out and do a good tempo run on Monday which was a little under my 10k PB at 36:25 but was cheating a bit by being downhill and a slow 20 miler over the moors which was a little disconcerting at 6am in the pitch black. It’s been a while since I’ve done an offroad night run and took a bit of getting used to due to it being pitch black on Marsden Moor.

Much beyond that, I’ve focused on putting in as close to a 70 mile week as possible which be about the peak mileage I’m planning on doing for London training and with a couple of easy runs then a fairly hard 10 miler this morning at 6:57 pace rounded out a decent week.

Calf and left achilles feel a little tight in mornings and after the long run so keeping an eye on those and stretching more and hydrating better after harder runs.

  • Monday – 8.6 miles (6.2 tempo)
  • Tuesday – 6.2 miles
  • Wednesday – 20 miles
  • Thursday – 13.2 (5.5 & 7.6 miles)
  • Friday – 9.3 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 10.3 miles

Total: 67.6 miles (5,610 ft)