Injured w.e 22/2/15

I had grand plans of a big 70+ week here but the calf and knee niggles that have been troubling me put an end to that.

I’ve been running conservatively and resting more for a week or two now to try and ease some of the pain and not make anything worse with the Grizzly next week but having already cancelled a planned 20 miler at the weekend I tried to go for an easy 10 and only made it to the top of the road before turning back in pain with my knee.

I suspected my sciatic nerve was trapped and having been to the physio yesterday (I’m writing this on 24/2) that was indeed the case so the good news is that is sorted and I’ve got some rehab but should be fine to race on Sunday and that there’s no lasting damage.

It does give me some thoughts to dealing with injury though as a trail runner at heart, training for the London Marathon so far with so many more road miles and running them at higher paces leaves me feeling like I’ve got way less mojo from running and somewhat beat up too. It’s no wonder so many marathoners are injured all the time. It’s going to be hard enough just getting to the start line.

I will however be starting an injury log page on the site for my own future use listing symptom and dates so I can keep better track of myself rather than relying on just my hazy memory.

I did manage to do a Parrlauf speed session with the club on Tuesday though which was hard work but great fun. Introducing structured speedwork into my running is definitely paying off so I’ll keep doing some sort of speed run once a week.

  • Monday – 13.1 miles
  • Tuesday – 13.2 miles (5.7 & 7.5 – Paarlauf)
  • Wednesday – 7.3 miles
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – 7.3 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest
  • 40.9 miles 2,680ft ascent