No mojo but a great Grizzly race – w.e 1/3/15

Finished the week with a race I really enjoyed and felt went well at The Grizzly, beyond that not much else to report beyond continued injury issues.

Went to the physio and he sorted the trapped sciatic nerve but my knee remains sore especially when sitting or walking downhill. Luckily a few days of no running eased it enough for the race but it’s still not quite right.

My head isn’t in a good place at the moment I must admit.

I’m not enjoying my running and pounding out the road miles at pace for London is something I honestly never want to do again so I’ve taken the decision to bin off specific time goals for London (I’m still going to push hard) and get back to running and training more on the trails because for me while I do enjoy racing and pushing hard for a new PB or improving on a previous performance, if I’m not enjoying the daily mileage of training then there’s no point.

I thought I’d be able to block out the grim slogs into Huddersfield along some horrible roads and through traffic etc to help with my London goals but frankly I can’t. I don’t enjoy it and while I’m still going to work hard and do the distance, I’m staying offroad more for my own sanity and enjoyment. Not to mention because I’m bloody miserable doing it my family will also not have to suffer!

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 4.7 miles
  • Wednesday – 6 miles
  • Thursday – 5.8 miles
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 19.4 miles – Grizzly 2015 Race
  • 35.9 miles 4,098ft ascent