Developing a little more speed w.e 16/11/2014

The year is starting to wrap up now with only the Frostbite 30 Ultra and Chevin Chase booked in, I’m looking forward to planning for next year.

This week was a bit directionless in many respects, I’m not really planning on any specific goal for Frostbite 30 other than to perhaps pace myself a little more consistently than I did at White Rose so I can finish stronger so I just enjoyed running to work during the week at whatever pace felt comfortable.

It’s reassuring and encouraging that I’m now beginning to drop into the low 7 minute mile pace on steady/easier runs although the net downhill profile on my run commute probably helps a little. Next step is probably to look at dropping into the 6:xx mile pace in a weekly tempo run which would be a great personal milestone.

Apart from that, I had an interesting mid-distance run on Sunday. Setting off late afternoon and covering a route I knew would be extremely dark was great fun, I took my Led LenseSEO 07 torch and it was probably the first time I’ve used properly to run aggressively offroad on some gnarly trail in the absolute pitch black with some positive results. I’ll probably review it in a little more detail later in the winter when I’ve got back into a long run pre-dawn routine.

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Looking forward to planning next years goals and giving some very serious thought to another crack at the Hardmoors 60 as my main goal for the year. Just got the nagging feeling I could knock a massive chunk of time off the race I finished in 15 hours in 2013.

  • Monday – 7.8 miles
  • Tuesday – 5.7 miles
  • Wednesday – 8.6 miles
  • Thursday – 6 miles
  • Friday – 6.7 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 9.5 miles

Total: 44.4 miles, 3,478ft elevation