Extended time out

It’s been an age since the last update, sadly it’s because I’ve had to stop running entirely right now.

Looks like the ongoing hip injury simply isn’t clearing with the physio work I’ve been doing and I’m forced to look towards the doctor and a scan to see if I can find anything else that’s causing it.

I’d taken a couple of weeks full rest from running but sweeping a local 5 mile race at barely above walking pace yesterday bought on hip pain again so whatever’s been going on hasn’t healed at all with rest.

I’ve already cancelled my Man Vs Horse race entry and withdrawn from running my Billy Bland Relay leg with Meltham AC on our annual trip to the Lakes and speaking to a friend last night it looks like it might be worth investigating inflammation of the hip as a possible cause of my discomfort and a scan may be needed for that.

It’s a shame, it’s now looking like the Edge Hill Ultra I have in the calendar in September might also end up being cancelled. I went up to Edge Hill University the other week to take part in a scientific fitness assessment and got some interesting results back from that which showed I was in decent shape and gave me some good training guides but I’ve been unable to follow them.

In an effort to avoid┬álosing fitness and gaining weight I’ve had to get on the bike. I’ve never been that big a fan of mountain biking – I’m not brave enough to make the most of it – so while I’ve done the mileage to and from work over the last few weeks it’s not that enjoyable.

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Yesterday I treated myself to a new road bike and I look forward to exploring a bit more of the area and doing some bigger miles to stay fit while I get sorted.

Mentally, it’s been tough but I’ve got over it a little and accepted that right now there’s no point trying to run and that injuries can happen so I need to find out what’s going on and fix it. If it takes months – so be it.