Faster than ever! w.e. 14/9/2014

I did it! a new parkrun PB of 17:39 on the back of my last big week before Ladybower.

Parkrun as a great fitness test

For a while I’ve used parkrun as a great way of testing how well a block of training has gone (and catching up with friends of course!) because I know that for me upping the mileage usually means I’ll also get results on shorter distances too and so to wrap up a 60ish mile week, a new 5km pb is a nice marker to tell me I’m about as ready for Ladybower 50 35 as I’m going to be.

If you don’t get to parkrun, I highly recommend it even if you only do the occasional one at full HR to get your legs moving fast and because it’s all timed and recorded, you have a useful marker for your fitness every time.

Last early long run

So with another early start on tuesday for a 21.4 mile long run my legs feel reasonable and I’m basically now going to jog to work a few times this next week and take a couple of days off before going full bore at the race and seeing how it all pans out.

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There’s a 4:48 in the morning too!

Ladybower 35 targets

I’ll be setting myself a couple of goals for the race, 5h30 is the goal I hope to achieve but I’m really hoping I can maintain a good enough pace to get a lot closer to 5 hours and I’ll see what that brings on the day. Fingers crossed.

I feel I couldn’t have put much more into my training, particularly the last 6 weeks which I’ve racked up 360 miles in the last 6 weeks and included some good quality longer runs.

The parkrun PB

It was nice to try my new Under Armour Speedform shoes at parkrun today, look forward to doing more speed work in them in due course but first impressions were good, comfortable and a bit stiffer underfoot than my Nike Free’s which are now retired with over 1,100 miles on the clock!

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  • Monday – 12.8 miles (7.4 & 5.4 miles)
  • Tuesday – 21.4 miles
  • Wednesday – 7.1 miles
  • Thursday – 7.1 miles
  • Friday – 6 miles
  • Saturday – 8.3 miles (3.1 & 5.2 miles)
  • Sunday – Rest

Total: 62.6 miles, 4,747ft elevation.