Getting bored of niggles now – w/e 13/07/2014

Having managed the three heavy days in Chamonix last week with the trail team, I seem to have aggravated something on my return. This is getting annoying now.

While I’ve been ok on the couple of easy runs to work I can feel a little ankle tweak that wasn’t there before. I almost wish there was just a single injury or issue I could focus on and fix but it seems to be a different thing each time at the moment and not something that stops me particularly but just a niggle that means I’m not at 100% and don’t want to build up the miles in training to be on the safe side.

Went to see the physio this week and the good news on that front is that the exercises he gave me last time have really worked well and my core and leg issues have improved massively and he’s not concerned about that any more but he did work on my ankle which was a little tender.

With a summer holiday coming up in next week, I’ll have 2 weeks of lovely camping by the sea in France with which to do a little easy running and nutella loading but I’m pretty much giving up on my original goal of a top 5 finish at Ladybower 50 because I’ve just not been able to train. I have to go back to Feb and March before I can point to blocks of training that’s gone to plan and I’ve put in the 50-60 miles a week I wanted.

I guess on the plus side, on the two runs I did this week I felt much stronger thanks to the bit of training at altitude in Chamonix last week. Gutted I didn’t have a chance to do parkrun this week and see if I could knock some time off my 17:51 PB making use of that training!

The stamina’s just unlikely to be there so I’m going to just run nice and easy with heart rate monitor when I can and see how I feel after I get back from camping and look at targeting the White Rose Ultra as my final A race of the year instead of Ladybower 50.

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 6.2 miles
  • Friday – 7 miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Total: 13.2 miles, 1,083ft elevation.