Shorter, faster, better and tasty, tasty Nom Butter

My word it’s been a long time since I’ve strung together a few decent runs but I’ve had a great couple of weeks.

Last week was a trip to Stamford parkrun where despite a few beers the night before at a conference catching up with friends was a 1st place finish – slower than the last time I did this one and a lot less pretty but happy to grab a 1st.

This weekend was a 21 mile long run which rounded out the first 50 mile week since April – been a while! I’ve spent the last week doing shorter 5-7 mile runs but at a higher pace in the low to mid 7 min/mile range where possible. The goal being to get back to this being an easy pace for when I begin marathon training for London in December.

Announcing .. Nom Butter

Not only has it been great getting back to some decent running, Pete & I have finally got some sample pouches of Nom Butter made up and ready to send out to testers who do longer distance / endurance sports and activities as we look to see what sort of market there is in the UK for a nut butter based fuel for keeping you on the go.

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If you’re interested in what we’re up to, get in touch, we’re on the look out for tasters & testers so let us know what you’re up.

We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course Looking forward to hearing feedback and seeing if this is a product we can make on a larger scale and sell in the UK.