Skiing downhill is training right? – Week ending 23rd March 2014

No real chance of any running other than a glimpse of what running at 5500ft altitude and a sharp climb does to the lungs while on holiday.

We’ve been away skiing in France and although I took my running gear I wasn’t really planning on being able to get out and so it proved with just one quick jog up a short stretch of the mountain and back down an empty ski slope at 7am.

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Running down a hardpack ski slope was interesting..

On the plus side, the malaise I’ve felt since The Grizzly is finally gone thanks to a great time skiing although I’m absolutely raring to go now the legs feel a little more like normal and I’ve got some pain au chocolates to burn off with the 40 mile Oldham Way at the weekend!

Ally & I decided to do something a little different for a change on friday and we hired some snowshoes and walked up the mountain for lunch. It’s suddenly very clear why all these ultra dudes that live and train in real mountains are so fit! Mountains truly are hard work.

A red run doesn’t seem so steep when you’re skiing down it but try walking up one!

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2 hours, a bit over a mile – Snowshoe hiking!

  • Monday – Skiing
  • Tuesday – Skiing
  • Wednesday – 1.3 miles
  • Thursday – Skiing
  • Friday – Skiing
  • Saturday – 0.6 miles snow shoe hiking (1430 ft elevation)
  • Sunday – Travel

Total: 1.9 miles 1808 ft elevation.