Training? Draining more like – Week ending 16th March 2014

The Grizzly wiped me out more than I’d ever considered it would do so it’s been a couple of jogs and that’s it really.

I felt my quads starting to go on a climb at mile 18 in The Grizzly and so it proved that following my “A race” for the early part of the year (I’m not running any marathons) so having put my all into a winter of hard training and then everything into the race I’ve felt utterly drained all week and then with a week skiing to follow I figured there’s not much point in pushing anything now.

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I love having such a nice run-commute to work!

The Oldham Way Ultra (40 miles) is on the 30th of March and depending on how that goes, the Calderdale “Hike” 37 miler (so called because it’s a walking route but the race has a runners and walkers option) so I’m going to enjoy my week of skiing, do a few easy runs then in the week leading up to the Oldham Way and then two big races.

I must say I’m actually looking forward to getting back to the regularity of my training routine. I think I tapered 4-5 days early for the Grizzly and the post race recovery has been a lot longer than I’d expected it to be (I can still feel those pebble beach stretches and the cliff ascent in my legs a week later!) so I’ve actually managed to pile on about 4lbs in the time since tapering which depresses me a little bit although it’s no surprise given I’ve been on a “see-food” diet of sorts!

I’m going to be taking a long hard look at my diet when I get back and it’s now at the point where I feel that I’m being a bit stupid in neglecting this side of the sport of running because I’m putting in the miles but then not being careful enough about what I do on the nutrition front and I’ve just been craving junk lately and it’s not really helping much to say the least.

I don’t eat terribly by any stretch, we don’t eat ready meals or scoff bag after bag of crisps and pop but we’re also probably a little shy of the amount of quality veg we should take on so I’m looking forward to studying about this and what’s best for me here.

I’ve enjoyed being a student of the sport of running and I devour blogs, articles and any information I can which I think will make a better runner and it’s working to a degree at the moment and the more I read about modern day food and diet, the more it scares me just how much shit is in our food, even the stuff that’s marketed as healthy.

Back to it after the Oldham Way, that’s a B race for me and the Calderdale Hike being only £15 to enter is very much a C race/have a bit of a laugh one so I can take that nice and steady.

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 6.5 miles
  • Friday – 7  miles
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Total: 13.5 miles 750 ft elevation.