Still fuming

Week Ending 21.02.2016

Last weekend was bittersweet with a championship won but a dreadful race and a painful fall and I’m still angry at myself.

I know I should let it go but every mile I’ve done this week I’ve had a sore knee to remind me of that ridiculous race performance. To add insult to literal injury I also had to miss out on a planned 20 miler at 7:00-7:30 pace with some friends which would have been a perfect prep run for the upcoming Millennium Way Ultra in 2 weeks.

The knee was still a bit tender at the weekend and I felt 20 miles of decent pace on tarmac wouldn’t exactly be helpful.

So it’s just been easy miles with a real downer on myself and a total loss of enjoyment thanks to some awful weather and mulling over Windy Hill race.

It’ll pass as all things do and I just need to make sure I learn from the painful race and don’t make the same mistakes again.

Even my substitute long run had to be cut short from 18 to 12 miles on Sunday because the weather was just shocking. Rain I can handle but frankly I got bored of moving so slowly in the gale force winds I wrote off the last of the week as a bad job.

I did try one of the Trail Butter sachets we got at work as a test for a project and I must say it was damn fine. Like eating a snickers on the move but in 2 mouthfuls instead of chewing your way through!

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Delicious. Nice pick me up on a grim day out. #trailrunning #trailbutter

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  • Monday – 10.5 miles
  • Tuesday – 10 miles
  • Wednesday – 5.2 miles
  • Thursday – 3.7 miles
  • Friday – 9.3 miles
  • Saturday – 5.3 miles
  • Sunday – 12 miles

Total: 56.2 miles with 5,850ft elevation gain