What a difference a week makes

Week Ending 28.02.2016

Last week was dreadful – low, slow and hurting my mojo had well and truly gone. A few new routes and a change of scenery and I’ve had a great week getting ready for the Millennium Way Ultra.

I felt burnt out last week, having covered the same routes day after day for months (and 88 days of a run streak) in grim weather over the winter I needed a break.

Not from running, ironically I feel pretty good right now and my knee feels pretty much normal again after some soreness from my fall. I just needed a change.

Ally suggested an alternative diversion on the way on morning and a change in weather, a ridiculously short and steep climb en-route worked a charm then I worked from home Friday and went out early and did my first long run for a while of 17.2 miles on the trails around the back of the house.

Nice to just run light, follow a couple of other paths to see where they went and get a bit of distance in the legs.

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Lucky to have this at the top of the road. Short, hard climb to reach the top though! #fellrunning #running #landscape

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It was great to finally do my 50th parkrun on Saturday and ran with Ally and Felix and his little legs managed to get a PB too (36:20 at 6 years old) so a really nice way to celebrate that little landmark.

Overall, with a nice solid effort over West Nab on Sunday I rounded off what I think is the first 70 mile week I’ve done without a big race in it. I feel I’ve stepped up comfortably from the 40-50 miles a week to more like 55-65 mark over the last 11 weeks and with a bit of discipline getting a quality long run in each week I should be good for a solid summer of training and doing some shorter races before looking at an Autumn marathon.

Next week will just be short, easy runs to work before Ally & I take on the Millennium Way Ultra (41 miles) on Sunday.

  • Monday – 10 miles
  • Tuesday – 11.7 miles (5.5 & 6.2 double)
  • Wednesday – 10 miles
  • Thursday – 10.4 miles
  • Friday – 17.2 miles
  • Saturday – 3.1 miles
  • Sunday – 8.6 miles

Total: 71.2 miles with 6,388ft elevation gain