100 day run streak and a DNF

Week Ending 06.03.2016

Had two things on the radar this week – the culmination of my 100 day run streak then for day 101, the Millennium Way Ultra.

The week was spent tapering and not really doing that much as I was looking to run a fast time in the 41 mile Millennium Way Ultra. The 100 day milestone came around with a nippy 19:50 5k around the block and then Ally & I traveled down to Burton for the ultra.

My initial plans for the ultra were to push hard and run it fast around 7:30/mile pace for as long as I could. I thought I had a 5:30 finish in me and I’d signed up because it was a flat route (300ft of ascent in 41 miles!) along a waymarked national way but when I actually took a look at the route in detail it turned out to be a little less simple.

The terrain was very muddy and there were spots where some reading of the route guide would have been needed so probably not the course for bashing out faster miles in the end and with that, my motivation to do anything with the race died.

Ally had also been full of cold all week so I decided rather than race for my original time to just have a nice run with her and we’d go to the halfway point and see how we felt.

In the end, the utterly uninspiring course and her illness made the decision to knock it on the head at 21 miles pretty easy and while I don’t like being harsh about well organised races (which it is), it’s not one I’ll be signing up for again to be honest.

We pulled out at 21 miles and got a lift back to the start from the friendly marshals after packing up the CP and it’s one of those races that won’t live long in the memory other than we had a nice time together chatting!

My Nike Terra Kiger weren’t that great as it was very claggy and they’re pretty worn anyway and not really mud slogging shoes at the best of time but it’s a tricky course (that we covered anyway) because you might want some aggressive mud shoes but there are harder parts of the trail where they might be a little tough on your feet.

I’m thinking about replacing the Terra Kiger with some Inov8 Terraclaw.

I’m thrilled about passing the 100 day mark on my runstreak and I must admit to a couple of near misses this week including a 9pm run in the snow after having burger for dinner and feeling less than ideal but apart from that – the consistency of the streak and running my easy days easier has me feeling stronger and with no niggles or injuries which I’d forgotten what that was actually like.

Time to find a new focus now. The ultra was basically the only long race I had in my diary for the year.

My goals remain 16:30/34:45 for 5 & 10k this year and I think to make that happen it’s worth focusing my efforts on a fast autumn marathon.

Weekly total: 41.6 miles, 1,800ft elevation gain