109 days – The streak is over

Week Ending 20.3.2016

In the end, discretion and family time won out as I knew it ultimately would and my 109 day run streak is done.

Part of me is relieved, part of me feels a weird sense of loss. I never got into streak running because I felt it was a great idea – I actually don’t – it just became a bit of a habit.

The streak started in November and I decided to take part in Marcothon (running 5k a day during December) and I just carried on. Ultimately it would have been easy to carry on but my streak ended when we went on our family ski holiday. I took my kit and had plans of running a mile daily up and down the mountain but I’ve felt a few times during the streak that it’s more forced than I wanted and unfair to Ally and Felix when I go out.

Following a long day of travel to the ski resort, the thought of me putting on running shorts and shoes on and going out, even for a short trot, instead of meeting up with our friends seemed – well, wrong. So with a bit of a feeling of loss of routine I drew a line under this run streak.

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Up on the first lift this morning. Beautiful. #skiing

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109 days isn’t much compared to most but to get out every day without fail is the hardest part. The mileage isn’t difficult and most days I ran significantly more than 5k but for me I found it nerve wracking sometimes trying to squeeze it into a day at any cost and no matter what condition my legs were in.

It worked well as a recovery “project” following feeling low after the White Rose 100 miler in November and the consistency I’ve had of running 50-60mpw has led to a 5k PB and me running 35:29 and smashing my 10k pb at Dewsbury in Feb so I can’t complain!

Beware the calories!

I love our ski holidays in Puy with our friends and Felix had an absolute blast this year. I want to spend so much more time year round in the mountains running in the summer and doing more XC skiing and ski touring but since I decided to end the streak I took the whole week off.

I’ve always struggled with food and it’s sometimes tricky these days with running so much because it needs so many more calories. I think I probably have 3000 calories a day so when you stop running for an entire week your body still wants those! It’s mentally difficult to resist, especially when I get to France because of all the tasty carbs on offer!

Putting on 4lbs in a week isn’t a proud achievement but I guess sometimes you just need to chill and enjoy yourself.

I need a challenge

My next step now is to find myself a challenge I can build up for. I forgot to apply for my good for age London Marathon place and with the Millenium Way Ultra turning out to be something I simply didn’t fancy, I’m feeling a little directionless.

It’s not helped by seeing so many friends on Strava and FB training for London or Manchester and getting out on long runs or smashing tempo sessions as the big day approaches. I have nothing in the calendar.

Normally I’d have committed to Hardmoors 60 and had White Rose Ultra in the diary already but I’m not doing one and will be giving back to WRU this year in a support role. Ally is also taking her turn at longer distance races with Hardcastle 12 hour and Thunder Run so I’m happy supporting there too but the thought of only having a couple of 10k’s in the diary leaves me feeling a little unfocused.

My thoughts are still on a 2:45 road marathon and continuing my push for my road goals so I think an autumn marathon will be on the cards.

Some silverware!

Sadly we couldn’t make the Meltham AC club dinner and presentation night so I couldn’t pick up my Fell and parkrun championship trophies but thanks to Sam for picking them up for me and congratulations to all the other award winners and thank you again to the club and Jeff for organising some wonderful races in the championships.

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Sadly missed the presentation night but great to see the trophies! Thanks to Sam for picking them up on my behalf ☺

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