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Week Ending 10.04.2016

It’s been nearly a month since my run streak ended and a couple of holidays along with injury haven’t helped.

I didn’t even realise how long it’d been since I posted a weekly update. Since my 109 day run streak ended with a ski holiday we also went on a family long weekend trip to London and I’ve been hampered by an injury the cause of which is the big fall I had at Windy Hill Fell Race.

My stomach and hips have been hurting a lot – according to the physio it’s the result of the fall I had causing me to run more defensively and alter my stride to protect my knee. My gait has subconsciously changed and it’s knocked stuff out of whack so I’ve got some rehab to do to get my hip and adductor to accept that it can put weight on it again.

Running wise, my mojo has again flown out the door but I’m putting this down to the injury and me being a reflective person still dwelling on my last race performance.

I know that I still need to get the miles in anyway so while I’m feeling flat I know it’ll pass. I certainly don’t feel like racing at the moment, even the idea of parkrun doesn’t appeal much. Probably because there is some pain associated with running fast. Hope it passes before Dovestone Diamond next month.

I got my club fell and parkrun championship trophies the other day and again, wondering if it’s to do with my injury – I don’t feel much like defending them this year and I need a change of focus.

With that in mind I’ve signed up for Man Vs Horse which is a good 20 miler in Wales that I can focus on. I won’t be joining the short list of just two men who have beaten the horse in 25 years but I would like to treat it as close to a marathon effort and train accordingly.

The other day I also got offered a place on the Edge Hill Ultra (40 miles) in September. I’d applied to get on this one a while back as the race is the end part of a bigger scientific study of diet, exercise and nutrition run by Edge Hill University so I’m looking forward to getting vO2 max, body fat and all sorts of tests done before and having a diet plan to follow. This might be the race and focus I’ve been seeking.

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5am trail run. Cold but well worth it for stunning sunrise. #running #trailrunning #landscape #huddersfield #castlehill

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