Ladybower 35 – Race report

I’ve always been fairly confident of hitting my goals when I enter a race but by god did I do a number on myself leading up to the Ladybower ultra.

The Berghaus Trail Chase

I’ve just finished my first multi (two) day race at the Berghaus Trail Chase and it’s been a tough, fun and motivating weekend and performance wise for me a bit of a mixed bag due to a stupid navigational error on day one.

Man vs Barge race

I don’t think the matchup was entirely fair in the end to be honest but man vs barge was another good trail race from TeamOA where I managed 6th place on dead legs.

Dovestone Diamond 10k – Report

I love the Dovestone Diamond, a challenging local 10k multi-terrain race I did well at last year and had bigger hopes for this time around.

Hardcastle 24 hour race – Report

At 1am after 13 hours of running in a 24 hour race, I hit rock bottom. It looked like my race was over and there was nothing I could do about it.

The Cake Race

You’ll probably think from the name that this race involves cake. You’d be right but you have to earn it over 10 miles and 1700ft of climbing.