Dissecting “disaster”

Disaster is a strong word but in light of getting nowhere near my London goal it’s worth reflecting on what contributed to it after four months of solid training.

Looking forward to Canalathon 50k

I’ve had my eye on Canalathon for a couple of years but it’s always been passed over in favour of a bigger goal close to the date but this time I’m going to take on the 50k before London.

Wiped out with illness

After a stellar first month of London Marathon training I was struck down with some sort of illness that’s been doing the rounds and it wiped me out big time.

Veteran status

This week I’ve hit the big 4-0. A move into a new age category and many new goals to aim for.

Nearly back to form now

Lets hope the dreaded last words curse doesn’t strike but this week has been even better than the last with some better paced easy running and a good parkrun result.

Easing back in

Having taken what feels like an age, I’m easing back into the mileage at last.