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Extended time out

It’s been an age since the last update, sadly it’s because I’ve had to stop running entirely right now.

London’s gone

Kind of relieved London Marathon has now been and gone, watching from afar has been painful.

Mental and physical

It’s been nearly a month since my run streak ended and a couple of holidays along with injury haven’t helped.

100 day run streak and a DNF

Had two things on the radar this week – the culmination of my 100 day run streak then for day 101, the Millennium Way Ultra.

What a difference a week makes

Last week was dreadful – low, slow and hurting my mojo had well and truly gone. A few new routes and a change of scenery and I’ve had a great week getting ready for the Millennium Way Ultra.

Still fuming

Last weekend was bittersweet with a championship won but a dreadful race and a painful fall and I’m still angry at myself.

OMM-bassador you spoil us..

I have many fond memories of my OMM Kamleika jacket. It’s seen me through a lot of adventures and while it ultimately became more gaffer tape than jacket – I retired it with full honours in my running kit drawer “just in case”.

Windy Hill fell race 2016 – report

Dreadful. My performance and result on the day, not the race itself – that was a classic fell challenge with a brutal climb and great organisation.

The legs keep turning

After Dewsbury last weekend, my legs felt pretty trashed for a couple of days but I felt a speed session and a lot stretching helped stave off too much stiffness ready for another race this weekend.